viernes, 19 de junio de 2009

Lovely fighter plus / Twin Dragons
As always Windows XP compatible
and now Windows Vista compatible!!!
Thanks to all the people who have sent to me mails telling me that the new version is compatible with their Windows Vista, this new version runs normally (no need to run as administrator) and in Windows XP run as well as usual.

jueves, 18 de junio de 2009

Lovely fighter plus / Twin Dragons
new Windows Vista Patch
I was receiving a lot of mails of users running Windows Vista that can't play the game "Lovely fighter plus / Twin Dragons". I am not sure but users running "Windows Vista service Pack 1" have the worst chances to play the game... so I am trying this new patch which (in theory) must work for everybody running under Windows Vista (SP1, SP2, SP3... SPx...).
This patch has been made for the user who already
have downloaded the last version of the game.
If you didn't downloaded the game you need to download it
(if you are running under Windows Vista you need the patch too).
If you have the las version of the game downloaded in your system you only need to download this patch decompress it and replace the file "Lovely Fighter plus / Twin Dragons.exe" (that you already have in your computer) using this one.

Download the patch for Windows Vista
(this patch is ONLY for the old version)

If you have Windows XP don't worry, the game runs perfectly, be happy v ^_^ v
If you have Windows Vista please report me any problems
(and tell me if the game runs fine too).
I won't give up, I won't let you down, I need time and information that is all.
I want you feedback, without your feedback I can't help you. When I confirm if the game is working fine I am going to upload all in a single and normal package.

domingo, 14 de junio de 2009

Lovely fighter plus / Twin Dragons
New version
Today I have uploaded a new version of "Lovely fighter plus / Twin Dragons". This new version is for the users who are running Windows Vista, if you have Windows XP is the same version as the first you won't see nothing new in this new one, but if you have Windows Vista and the previous version didn't work this new one must run (IF NOT LET ME KNOW!!!).
This version works fine under Windows XP and under Windows Vista too (I think...). One more thing the "Panic button", to close the application immediately is the "Esc" key ("escape" in your keyboard) when you press this key the game terminate at once. I hope you enjoy this one.
One more thing, specially for the users of Windows Vista, if the game doesn't work, you can try to run it as administrator, to make this you must make a right click (use the secondary button of your mouse) in the executable file, then a menu appears and you must choose the option "Run as administrator" (this trick must work).

domingo, 7 de junio de 2009

Lovely fighter plus / Twin Dragons
After a long time and a lot of hard work the demo version of "Lovely fighter plus / Twin Dragons" is ready to be enjoyed by everybody. Let me tell you that to make a demo version of a game is the 90% of the programing work because the difference between a demo and a full version is in the storie, but all the functions are the same, that is why a demo take so much work. I have tried to debug it as much as I could, but if you find a bug please let me know. The game doesn't need to be installed, just "copy and play". This demo cover all the beginning and the tutorial you can't be defeated but you can have a good beating from the lovely Nadia (a very hard teacher you'll see) v^_^v. To make this videogame was a big effort, so I hope you can really enjoy it!!! and finally if you have any doubt or problem or complain or idea please let me know all your mails are always welcomed.
I want to thanks to Armin for the collaboration in the review of the dialogs of the game.