sábado, 28 de julio de 2007

I have a big surprise today... as you already knows, the first issue of the Martial Angels is almost finished, but when I finish this issue, I am going to start the next one... but not only that, I have received many requests about a new 3D story, now, this is the surprise, besides the new story of the Martial Angels I will make a new story of the Martial Angels 3D, and this new story will be free, today I am uploading the cover and the first two pages, so you can start to enjoy of this new adventure v ^_^ v

jueves, 19 de julio de 2007

And one more page of the Martial Angels and this story is almost over... just two pages more, and after that?

viernes, 13 de julio de 2007

 I was seeing the new TV show "Fight Girls" and I am thinking to add a muay thai girl to the staff of the Martial Angels (but in future issues), or maybe I decide to make a story rendered in 3D including one or more of this kick boxing girls (a short story but a lot of action of course).
I would like you send me a message making your suggestion.
For the moment I made 18 new wallpapers using two of the girls presented in "Martial Angels nº2 - A beach challenge" Nadia and Tiffany but this time they are training her muay thay skills instead of her taekwondo abilities, you can find this wallpapers in the "Surprise gallery"... enjoy them:

sábado, 7 de julio de 2007

And finally the trainer arrives, let's see what happens now:

domingo, 1 de julio de 2007

As I told you I am making some new wallpapers about my last taekwondo exam and this is my first wallpaper about it...this one is inspired in an of my but beautiful and hottest female friends. I hope you like it, she is kicking a kick called "dolio chagi" (circular kick) and this is one of her most skilled techniques. I am thinking to make more drawings because I want to include more wallpapers in the "Artwork gallery", and I have more female friends in my class, and I do not want them to get jealous (because they kick very hard) v ^_^ v