domingo, 20 de abril de 2008

Hello friends!!! I am very happy for all your e-mails and the success of my videogame "Lovely Fighter"... many of you have requested another game like this... ok, I am working in another game, so I am developing this game (I am writing the story and creating the characters, this time the fights are between beautiful girls as the main characters, I won't tell you more for now).

I have another surprise today, since I created martinXmanga, a lot of you have requested hottest stories, hottest artwork, more exposed girls... well, HERE YOU HAVE THE FIRSTS!!! v^_^v. This time I made six artistic wallpapers, three are normal wallpapers, as usual, but in the other three, the girl is partially naked... please go to the "Surprise gallery" in the "Wallpapers gallery" (or click the image below) AND ENJOY THEM!!!