martes, 23 de octubre de 2007

The fight continue... a new update of "The cyberfight" enjoy it.

lunes, 15 de octubre de 2007

And now a new wallpaper of Jessica performing a beautiful roundhouse kick
this time at 1024 x 768 pixels of resolution in the "Martial Angels" gallery:

viernes, 12 de octubre de 2007

Here you have another update of "The cyberfight" (maybe this time Bruce is too much for Jessica... I don't know let's see in the next update) enjoy it v ^_^ v

sábado, 6 de octubre de 2007

I am alive, don't worry, sorry for the delay and thanks for your e-mails. Big news I have a new computer and now I can make my artwork better than before, so expect new things. The past weeks was full of new private works, and now I have finished the most part of them so I can dedicate my time to the site and the comics. I made two pages more of the new 3D adventure and I am making more. Today I decide to upload this two but in the next days I am going to upload more. Enjoy of the new pages and be ready for the next update.
v ^_^ v