domingo, 30 de enero de 2011

Wow!!! a new update for "The Cyberfight" today TWO PAGES to show how powerful can be Susan when she want to show her true power. But Bruce is very brave and he is not going to admit that a girl can be a worthy rival for him, so he is going to face her no matter how dangerous
can be... if I was in his place I would do the same, enjoy it v^_^v

domingo, 16 de enero de 2011

Hello friends and following with the holographic stuff today a short animation.

Remember: you can change your preferences about how the 3D is rendered using the option labeled "3D" in the main controls bar at the bottom of the video,
this option will appear after you play the video.

I am sure you will love it v^_^v!!!

miércoles, 12 de enero de 2011

Hello friends and again BIG NEWS!!!, I am working in something new...

All of you already know about all the "holographic" things that are coming... well I am experimenting with this alternatives too and I made a hologram using a couple of techniques very interesting, because you will be able to see it using your normal monitor or even you naked eyes, without 3D glasses and without any sophisticated (and expensive) equipment
(just a hand mirror if you choose the first method).

I want to introduce yo to a new girl and she is going to be in charge of the tutorial to teach you how to do this, her name is CJ/9 (she is from the near future and is one of the characters made by me, a human fighter with genetic improvements, I can't tell you more for now...).

Let's pass to the tutorial (to play the tutorial use the triangles of the lower left corner)
and below the tutorial is the hologram:

Now that you know the "how to" bellow is a wonderful HOLOGRAM v^_^v

(the controls are M for mirror split mode, C for crossed view mode and FS for full screen)

viernes, 7 de enero de 2011

Following with the new characters today I am going to introduce you to Stephanie.
She is a member of an exclusive team of deadly fighter girls.

She is going to be in the next update of Lovely Fighter Tournament as a new character,
so you can face her in direct combat v^_^v (watch out, she is very tough!)

Today I am uploading nine wallpapers more to the Wallpapers gallery
in the new High resolution section (check it out) and remember,
all the gallery is available in the Special Members Area