viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2009

This is a surprise a very big one but I won't tell you too much... "Is the year 2130... things like robots, nano implants, genetic enhancement and bionic improvements are usual... the humanity is technologically more advanced and more violent too. There is a new kind of competition with no rules, no help, just two fighters and one round without time, there are no restrictions or categories, humans, cyber humans, techno enhancement and genetic improvements are allowed... the only one condition is that this tournament is just for girls, why? because the audience is higher and the profit higher too. This new fighters needs to be trained at her best level each one have her unique profile and can be upgraded in several ways... because often the fights are deadly...". This is preliminary but you can see a wallpaper of Nina, she is destroying a very expensive female fembot fighter, showing a little of human superiority, in the next days I am going to upload the other four wallpapers too to complete the set of five... v^_^v enjoy it!!!