jueves, 20 de agosto de 2009

Another of the characters is Azumi, she is another of the bad girls in "Lovely fighter plus / Twin Dragons". She is a Japanese girl, and behind her lovely Asian eyes she hides a deadly secret, she has been trained in a deadly art of the "din mak" the death touch.

Her finger and toes can hit with lethal precision in the vital points of her foes causing extreme pain, paralysis or instant death... but this deadly girl is not the only one with that knowledge, Akane has been trained by her grandmother in that art too.
Both girls has been raised following strict rules during all her lives, for a fight like this, and they will have a ferocious fight, not an ordinary fight because both girls ancestors has been enemy for centuries and this will be a fight for honor.

I won't tell you more... you will have to discover that by yourself.

Today I made a wallpaper of this beautiful Japanese girls fighting, you can download it
in the wallpapers gallery v^_^v enjoy it!!!.