sábado, 26 de marzo de 2011

MORE LOVELY UNIFORMS! for the fighters of Lovely Fighter Tournament v^_^v

Hello Friends!!! today I have uploaded two NEW outfits for two different girls of Lovely Fighter Tournament, this are two Gi's with ripped sleeves (for a more savage look) and the girls are Nicole with a red uniform and Natalie with a white uniform, just go to the Special Members Area, and enjoy the game!!!

domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011

NINJA INVASION!!! in martinXmanga v^_^v

Hello Friends!!! today we have this three beautiful kunoichis... some of you already know this girls... but I am going to tell you some new things... Let's start with Kendra and Alexa, this two girls are the main characters of my videogame
"Lovely Fighter - Defiance", both girls are expert in many martial arts, and one of those arts,
is de deadly art of the ninjutsu.

White Lotus is one of the main characters of my comic "Dark Alice"
she is a deadly kunoichi, the speed is her main skill (some of you have seen what happened in her fight against the deadly Alice)

From today, in the Special Members Area, you can play with this three beautiful girls in
"Lovely Fighter - Tournament", Kendra and Alexa with her traditional taekwondo uniform (Gi, Dobok) and ninja outfits to unlock and White Lotus available to face and fight as any other fighter... but watch out! this girls have higher level than the other fighters and will be difficult to face, I recommend you to train your fighters prior to face them in a "hand to hand" or "foot to foot" combat :P

I have expanded also the characters main selection grid in "Lovely Fighter - Tournament" because is necesary for the future characters. One more thing in the images gallery you have this three lovely wallpapers to see and download, enjoy them!!! :D

sábado, 12 de marzo de 2011

NINJA INVASION in martinXmanga :o

lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011

Today The Cyberfight has been updated... Susan have a dangerous game in mind, Bruce shouldn't accept her challenge, but what would you do if a dangerous but beautiful girl defies you? v^_^v

miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2011

Hello friends!!! as you can see some things are changing v^_^v

Yes! I was working very hard to make this modifications and the main changes are not only in the aspect of the sites. I have remodeled all the sections to improve the navigation experience of you and I have re-arranged the information, to put all the things together, for a most intuitive perception of the material.

I didn't have finished yet, the older news are going to be in the blog, but I didn't made it yet.
I need to finish some private works first and then I am going to finish this remodeling.

And the most important change is one very requested by many of you and now available and is about the payment methods for the 3D Comics, Videogames and the Special Members Area, now I have implemented a lot of new options available to all the world: USA, Europe and Asia where I was having a lot of requests for more ways, more flexibility and online options too:

In the next days I am going to update The Cyberfight!!! and... I have more news because I am working on another story / videogame and you are going to be delighted with this, the main characters are two lovely girls: Stephanie (your character) one of the best fighters of a very exclusive dojo and the evil Darlene Vogue a very powerful and dangerous fighter born on a rich family... a beautiful girl, very cocky and very sadistic...
I have many surprises reserved!!!